You're a somebody now. But, what's a somebody in a nobody town?

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Preference #78 He's You're Teacher But You Have Sex {Niall.}
A/N: This has sex in it obviously. Yay porn. okay bye
Niall: Quickly turning your locker's lock closed, you grabbed your books and ran down the hall. "Afternoon, [Y/N.]" Mr. Horan chuckled as you slammed the classroom door behind you just as the bell rang. "Good afternoon, Niall." You cheekily smirked at him, making his smile turn into a straight line of frustration. "It's Mr. Horan, to you, Ms. [Y/N]. Have a seat." He ordered, his voice harsh and stern, but his eyes displayed nothing but playfulness. You sat down, keeping you gaze at the blonde headed professor, his right eye dropping into a quick wink your way, leaving your heart pick up a few beats faster. The blue white board marker clasped tightly in his left hand as he quickly scribbled across the notes for everyone. However, today, notes weren't what caught your attention. His dark jeans lazily laid at his waist, leaving them to sag in all the appropriate places. The way his pale blue t-shirt clung to his body, tightening around his arms, back muscles clearly being displayed, flexing as he moved around the board. Your eyes slowly traveled down his toned-petite frame, taking in the outstanding beauty being flaunted to you everyday. It took every cell in your body to keep you from jumping on top of the older man every time his attention was even merely in your direction. "Make sure you have correct punctuation, you all know how much that annoys me." Mr. Horan informed, letting out a small chuckled as he began handing out papers. He reached your row, resting his waist against the front of your desk as he looked at how many papers to give. Your eyes stayed glued to the slightly exposed skin, a thin strap of hair trailing down his lower stomach, disappearing somewhere behind his belt. Your bottom lip twitched beneath your teeth that are violently biting back on to it, trying your best to resist the dirty thoughts yearning to be fulfilled. Your eyes traveled up from his waist to his defined face, jawline so sharp, slightly being traced over with a subtle stubble. His eyes soon connected with yours, keeping the gaze for what felt like hours. No words were exchanged but his eyes almost screamed out his thoughts. With slight cock of his head, he disappeared behind his desk. No matter how many times you would glance up at him, stare, make a movement for him to just look your way, he didn't. You frustratingly began filling out the test, growing slightly angered at him purposely ignoring you, since this is a daily thing. Once everyone handed in their tests, the bell finally rang. The class poured out of the room, heading out for dismissal. You began to pack up and leave, but your wrist was grabbed, bringing you to a halt. "Where do you think you're going?" Mr. Horan asked, his voice huskily escaping his lips, eyes showing not much of anything besides sexual frustration. "I'm trying to get ready to go home, Mr. Horan." You answered your head cocking the same way he had done to you, a sly grin displaying. "Oh now you want to address me correctly?" His questioned, "You know, you're going to get me in trouble one day, looking at me the way you do." He mumbled, "One day I'm not going to be able to control myself." He whispered, bringing his hand to tangle beneath the back of your head, into your hair and bringing his lips to crash into yours. You hiked your self onto one of the lap tables, never breaking the kiss as you fumbled with his belt. He quickly shimmied his jeans down to his ankles, grasping your hips and bringing them closer to his. "We don't have much time, [Y/N] I have a meeting in 10 minutes." His sighed, as he reached realization once he looked up at the clock. You quickly nodded and pulled your skirt up above your waist, as his claimed on top of you. Your hand trailed down his covered chest, to the lining of his Calvin Kline briefs, slipping inside and grasping his fully hardened length. He let out a throaty sigh of relief as your stroked him, his eyes fluttering shut. His moans soon combined with yours as he slowly slipped himself into your yearning core. "Jesus Christ, Niall." You groaned as his thrusts became more powerful and full of adrenaline. You grasped on to his back, dragging your nails along his heated skin, wanting to yell out his name, but you knew that would just get you both into trouble. You could feel your lower stomach turning, both of your breathing growing heavy. Niall's eyes attached to yours, the deep ocean blue now almost gray with lust; you could feel your own dilating as your high approached. "I love you, [Y/N]." Niall groaned into your ear, his heavy, accented words pushing you over the edge. "I love you too, Niall." You moaned out, attaching your lips to his before you could yell out the profanities of your climax. Your orgasm brought him to his own and you felt him spill himself beneath you, his deep moans filling the silent room. A slight smile tugged at the corners of your mouth, reflecting his shinning brightly above you. He claimed off of the table, bringing his clothes back to the correct manner they were only minutes before. Once you both finished getting dressed, he wrapped his arms around your waist, leaving you to bury your face into his slightly sweaty chest. "Only a couple more months until you graduate." He whispered, rubbing the small of your back. You broke the hug, and smiled up at him once he pushed the straying piece of hair behind your ear. "You're going to be late." You announced, pointing at the clock. His eyes widened and he brought a quick peck onto your lips, before grabbing a few papers from his desk. "Love you, babe. I'll see you tomorrow." He called out as you both parted ways down the hall. You let out a sigh and made your way out to the school's parking lot. Who would've known something so wrong could feel so right?
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